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The Fact Checkers Need to be Fact Checked

The Fact Checkers Need to be Fact Checked

Snopes recently took an interest one of our videos about Senator Kamala Harris.

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You Can Keep the Mask

You Can Keep the Mask

Last Thursday IL Governor J. B. Pritzker extended the stay-at-home order until the end of May and announced a new requirement--wearing a mask in public indoor places, such as stores.  I haven’t worn a mask yet and I am loath to start. For me the mask is not so much a...

Yes, Let’s Talk About Religion and Politics!

Yes, Let’s Talk About Religion and Politics!

The 101st Illinois General Assembly has adjourned and the results are in. The state of Illinois is a moral disaster and about to get worse. Our lawmakers seem to be doing everything in their power to encourage and facilitate evil and debauchery.  The legislation on...

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