Do Democrat Lawmakers Prefer Dead Babies?

There has been a significant amount of howling among Democrats and even some Republicans since Illinois Family Action posted an article last week titled, “Why is Legalized Abortion Called a Holocaust?” Briefly,  IFA was subsequently accused of “hate speech”, “inappropriate behavior”, “trivializing the memory of Holocaust victims” and “promoting violence” to name a few. No one who complained actually addressed the core issue of the article; the lack of respect for human life and the willingness to slaughter human beings common to both Nazis and abortion advocates.  It was darkly amusing to see IFA lectured about the delicacies of “appropriate speech” and “promoting violence” by people who are actively championing cold blooded murder. Strong language rebuking this gruesome practice is called for and long overdue.


Americans have been slaughtering their innocent unborn babies on a massive scale in this country since 1973.  (Sixty million plus and counting) From God’s point of view our hands and our land are soaked in the blood of our children.  (Genesis 4:10) Yet the bloodlust appears to just be getting started. The Democrat supermajority in Illinois has now sponsored legislation that will legalize abortion for any reason whatsoever up to birth.  As of yet no Republicans have signed on.  Governor J.B. Pritzker has declared it to be his intention to make Illinois the most “abortion friendly” state in the union.  This sickening aspiration is made even worse by an examination of the basic facts.


An unborn baby becomes viable (can live outside it’s mother’s womb) a little more than halfway through a 40-week pregnancy. There is NEVER a medical reason to abort a viable baby.  If a pregnancy must be terminated in order to protect the mother’s health the baby can be delivered alive. (Note: this reality renders the idea of aborting viable babies to “protect the health of the mother” completely absurd.) Regardless, no excuse will be needed in Illinois since the proposed legislation contains NO restrictions.  If passed these bills will make it legal to kill a baby in the womb on what would otherwise be his or her birthday at the end of a full term pregnancy.


Post-viability abortion is a vicious and completely unnecessary “choice” to kill an innocent child instead of delivering it alive. It is morally unthinkable, yet it is being publicly championed by Illinois Democrats in the most glowing, if purposely vague terms.  IFA writer Laurie Higgins pointed out in a recent post that deliberately vague language meant to conceal the truth also characterized Nazi rhetoric when speaking about the murder of the Jewish people.


This leads me to ponder a question and I ask you to do the same.

Do Illinois Democrat politicians actually prefer dead babies to live ones?