Your Best Prep Now

12/14/2022 Written by Steve Papale

People can go to tremendous lengths to prepare for their career. It can start in high school (or earlier) when kids often take multiple SAT’s. Then the college application process starts – 5, 10 or more are sent out to the best possible universities in order to prepare them to get in the best companies with high salaries and upward mobility. Once hired, some spend more time and effort on licenses and certification to advance in the chosen career. A career that might last 20, 30 or maybe 40 yrs. Nothing inherently wrong with that (although I think the pressure some of these kids are under is crazy but that’s for another time). Hard work and achievement are to be commended.

That said, the vast majority of these same very forward-looking people spend hardly any time thinking about their eternal destiny. An eternity which will make our time spent here on earth seem like a drop of water in the ocean. Why don’t most people think about it, at least in a serious way? It’s probably human nature to put off things that seem far away. A 30 year-old may not think much of eternity because it is preceded by death which is not on the radar for most young people. That was me before I was saved. For others it could be fear, laziness, preoccupation with the world or a distorted view of God. Satan prefers we whistle busily along the path of life never delving into this topic and for sure not discovering the truth of the Word of God. Those who don’t know the Bible are easy pickings for the enemy. Just look at the number of cults and cultural “Christians” there are today.

In the United States we are fortunate enough that anyone who wants a Bible can have access to one. Christianity is not a foreign concept but rather the bedrock of America’s founding ideals and documents despite the lies put out by so many these days. America is the greatest country in the history of the world because our founders recognized they needed to look to God in all things and be obedient to His direction. Because of that we have been blessed above all other nations. Unfortunately, today we are seeing what happens when a country turns from God, namely immorality, destruction, selfishness, deception and evil. How anyone can watch all this, the troubles of this life, without the promise of something better is beyond me.

Obviously, this is a Christian blog; however I am not here to “sell” Christianity. My hope and prayer is that everyone comes to a saving knowledge of who Jesus Christ really is and what He has done to save us from sin. However, this is forced on no one. Anyone can accept it or reject it. I do believe anyone who looks at the Bible diligently and with an open heart will see that this book can be nothing other than the Word of God.

A church can’t save you. Tradition can’t save you. Being baptized can’t save you. Good works can’t save you. Only the gospel saves (see 1 Cor 15:1-4). There is no more important task for each individual than to have assurance of his or her eternal destination. And remember, only God knows the number of our days. No one who dies in a car accident expected to die that day. Do not put this off.