Tonight we will talk with a 20-year public school teacher, Jeanne Hedgepeth, about the state of our public schools from her perspective. Jeanne was fired from nearby High School District 211 last year and is currently involved in litigation. Conservative and Christian teachers across the country are finding it very difficult to remain in the public school system while maintaining their beliefs and sanity. Every day, we hear of another one resigning. What are the options? We discuss.

// Panelist
– Pr. James
– Abby
– Vicki
– Jeanne

// Resources

Jeanne Hedgepeth on Laura Ingraham:

Judicial Watch Press Release:


Laurie Higgins article:

Help Jeanne:

July 2020 D211 BOE meeting: – 2:43:27 to 2:45:19

Laura Morris, Christian teacher, resigns:

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