Recorded live 10/20/21: Fast forward to 4:50 to get past intro music. In this week’s round table, Abby escorted Pr. James and Vicki down the proverbial rabbit hole into a look at the latest advances in transhumanism AKA bio-digital convergence. Under the cloak of improving healthcare and increased convenience a new era of mass surveillance and eugenics is being ushered in—in broad daylight. You will not not want to miss this one.

// Panelist
– Pt. James
– Abby
– Vicki

// Resources
Whitney Webb/James Corbett Video

Interview 1650 – Whitney Webb Dissects the Wellcome Leap into Transhumanism

Lab Grown kidneys. (video)

Robot controlled by rat brain

Singularity.  When AI becomes conscious

Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

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