Recorded live 10/27/21. Fast forward to 11:30 to get past intro music. Joe Rogan, the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the country, if not the most popular, has a great deal of influence. He is known for long-form interviews on a wide variety of topics. On a number of issues, we agree with him. Join Pastor James and the round table crew Wednesday at 8:30 pm as we address Joe’s statements on Christianity and talk about where he goes very, very wrong. We will also discuss Jordan Peterson’s emotional comments on Jesus and his daughter Mikhaila’s recent thoughts on finding God.

// Panelist
– Pt. James
– Chris
– Vicki
– Jim

// Resources

Joe Rogan: Christianity is So Stupid:

Joe Rogan and Candace Owens Discuss Religion:

Jordan Peterson on Jesus: –

Mikhaila Peterson on God:

4 Proofs of the Resurrection:

Lee Strobel – The Case for Christ Evidence for the Resurrection:

55 OT Prophecies about Jesus:

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