People can and often are uninformed about the development of a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy, including the capacity of these children to feel pain. But there is NO ambiguity here. The Virginia abortion bill is just as barbaric as reported. We are talking about legalizing the abortion of fully formed babies up until birth–as long as, wait for it…the mother and physician agree.

Hear the governor of VA state that, “legislators, most of whom are men by the way, shouldn’t be telling a woman what she should do with HER BODY.” The problem with that old and tired cliche is that, obviously we are not talking about HER BODY. We are talking about the child’s body.

These people look may perfectly normal and sound rational, but the reality is that their morality is monstrous and they don’t even realize it. Please pray that they will repent and when the opportunity arises, respectfully speak the awful truth about this issue.…/virginia-abortion-bill-ba…/